‘O’ Rings

O Rings Rubber Suppliers & Manufacturers in Mumbai, India

O-Ring is a mechanical gasket in round shaped used for packing & sealing.

The Oring is one of the most common sealing devices and is used in the most different applications. The design is unique and simple. It’s designed in such a way where it can fit in groove and be compressed to give better sealing qualities.

O-rings are one of the most common seals used in machine design because they are inexpensive, easy to make, reliable, and have simple mounting requirements.

Rubber ORings, the cutting edge is a “O” shape, which is the most common, classic, economical and useful sealing type in both dynamic and static application. Seal design is an important factor in food, dairy, beverage and pharmaceutical processing. An oring is a very important part of that design.

We Offer A Variety Of Products For Sealing The Inside And The Outside Of The Gauge Pole.

We are the leading Global O-Ring and Seal is a major stocking distributor of o-rings, oil seals, o-ring cord stock, kits, accessories, and other sealing products in Mumbai, India.

All types of silicone O-ring & Bellows can be made available with us. Protective Bellows, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Expansion Joint, Seals, Diaphragm. Call Now.