Rubber Product Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai, India

INTA Corporation established in the year 2009, is engaged in the manufacturing of rubber components. It was started as a small company and has grown manifold since then and has firmly rooted itself as a leading rubber product manufacturing company.

Continuous demand of our varied product range has proved our commitment to the high quality standards required by our customers throughout India. We are always looking to improve, upgrade and diversify our business to meet the challenges of contemporary manufacturing sector..

INTA Corporation is one of the leading Rubber Product Manufacturers & Suppliers at Bhandup in Mumbai, India

Our Products

Our product offerings include Rubber Products, Bellow seals, Mechanical seals, Metal seals, O-Rings, Oil seals, Rubber oil seals, Rubber Rings, Rubber seals, Seal Rings, Silicon O Rings, Silicon Rubber seal, Anti-vibration and All types of Bonded Products.